Optimize Your WordPress To Make Money With Adsense

while there many great ways you can make money with your website, such as selling your own ebooks or sell a product, google adsense way of making money out of your blog was always there as a great way to earn extra revenue from your hard work.

Wordpress To Make Money With Adsense

here are a few steps you can take to make that work for your WordPress website.

Write great content

Well that’s an easy one – if you don’t have great content on your site there will be no one checking out your posts and maybe clicking on those adsense ads. make sure you write great and interesting content.

you can check out this guide : https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/how-to-write-blog-post-simple-formula-ht

Speed up your site

You need to make sure your website is fast this days. people wont wait even 3 seconds for a web page to load and they will just skip on to a different site. make sure you have fast hosting and cache plugins.

WordPress Theme that is optimized for Adsense

There are many great WordPress themes out there this days and its hard to choose the best one. but there are also Themes that are specially optimized to work well with Adsense and provide great results in increasing your ad exposure and the ease of use with the google code – you can check out this selection of 16 Best WordPress Adsense Themes In 2017 and just choose the right one for you.

Read the google Adsense guidelines!

So many people get their adsense account ban simply because they don’t follow the guidelines. make sure you read AdSense program policies and follow them 100%. that way you will avoid having your account shut down.

The Ultimate WordPress SEO Plugin in 2017

What is the best SEO plugin for WordPress in 2017?

Yoast SEO is hands down the best SEO plugin available for WordPress at the moment. Although WordPress is already optimized for SEO, Yoast just takes it a notch higher and makes it easy as pie to manage everything with one, single plugin.

It lets you specify your focus keyword and analyzes how you use it. Whether you use it in your title, your subheadings, in alt text for your images. It analyses the distribution of the keyword and suggests you ways to optimize its placement and help you land a better search ranking for that keyword.

The Yoast SEO Metabox lets you alter the meta description of your pages and insert meta tags and link elements that make the jobs of search engines easier. It also includes the snippet editor which shows you how and where your page will show up on google search results based on the title and meta description.

You can edit which pages you want to show up on search results. It automatically creates XML sitemaps for you sites, no matter how complex they may be. It analyzes the quality of your content, whether you are using too much passive voice, too many long sentences and calculates Flesch Reading Ease score too. Yoast currently supports Facebook OpenGraph and twitter cards, with Google+ integration in the works.

Search engines are automatically pinged as soon as you update your website. It features support for custom themes RSS Otimization, and lets you edit your robots.txt and .htaccess. One of the handiest feature of Yoast SEO is primary category. There is always some content that fits well into more than one category. Yoast lets you specify the primary category for the content and makes classification easier.

The list of features that Yoast SEO offers is too long, and that were only some of the Free features. Buying a Premium subscription gets you access to redirect management, multiple focus keywords, insights, internal linking, and social previews apart from one-on-one customer support. You may need to read up to if you are planning to use Yoast to its full potential. Interestingly Yoast itself offers a course on its usage.

Where to Find Popular WordPress Themes? Elegant Themes Review

Most of you are already aware of the amazing and powerful effects of WordPress. But, how about the most trusted and best provider of the popular WordPress themes? If you are looking for the popular WordPress theme for your site, Elegant themes is the best way to go.

Why Elegant Themes? 

There are already a lot of WordPress theme providers but, it is still important for you to choose the best one especially if you are looking for the popular WordPress theme for your website. The main reason why most people loved Elegant Theme is because of a very affordable cost. And not only that, Elegant theme is also offering popular WordPress themes and premium plugins.

Aside from that, they are also good at support. The products that they provide are visually impressive and functionally. One of their most popular WP themes is Divi and this is a very popular WordPress theme around the world.

With Elegant themes, you can assure that your WordPress theme for your site is popular especially for the users. Each theme in Elegant is equipped, fully responsive with search bar, custom thumbnail, gravatar ready and more other amazing features. In addition, other special features in each WordPress theme are automatic, with slider for your recent posts, and 3-level drop & down menus. All of these are the main reasons why this theme is the top provider of popular WordPress themes.

Some WordPress Plugins who are crucial for your website

As any WordPress owner know there are some plugins that your WP blog just must have. sure there also many other plugins that are not a must  but some should just come with the default wordpress setup as they are pretty crucial for your WordPress success.

In their tastes article – mediatemple.net came with a great list of 7 must use WordPress plugins when you first set up your blog. my advice ismediatemple.netto simply bookmark this post and make sure you have all this plugins on any wordpress blog you own.

Here are some of the highlights of the post:

Google XML Sitemaps: With a legacy almost as old as WordPress itself (9 years and running), WordPress developer Arne Brachhold made it simple to for search engines to find WordPress sites. The sitemap generated by this plugin reveals the site structure to crawlers and automatically notifies search engines about a new piece of content on any site – it couldn’t be easier.

W3 Total Cache: Possibly the most popular caching plugin on WordPress, but for good reason: It’s the most comprehensive one as well. Sites both large and small can take advantage of the CDN-like power of W3 Total Cache, which will improve load speed, reduce download times, and do some nifty SEO tweaks as well.

WPSmush: Image compression is an easy way to speed up site load times and reduce the overall site footprint. But… it can’t be done in WordPress’ image database. Until now. WP Smush not only resize images but also compress and optimize them for almost any site. Smush away!

Those 3 are sure on my must have list , the Sitemap plugin should come built in inside the WP core files as its so important for your website indexing. some SEO plugins like SEO Yoast have their own XML sitemaps abilities but I do like to use this plugin as its simply works.

Cache plugin as well is a must this days when the speed your website load is an important element in the way google see your website. does your site slow to load? well bad news for your ranking.

WPSmush is doing the same thing – making your website images optimized so they will load faster – resulting in a faster page load and happier users.

read more at mediatemple.net

Finding the Best WordPress Plugins for Free

Becoming a successful WordPress blogger does not happen easily. You need a good theme, an interesting blog and of course plugins that can help leverage your blog. There are many plugins for free on the internet. You only need to find those plugins which can help your blog the most. Finding the necessary plugins that cope with your blog’s needs can take some time. The following are some of the plugins that offer great services for free.

Yoast SEO. Joost De Valk developed Yoast SEO which is the plugin that gives you the all in one SEO job. With Yoast SEO, you don’t have to free-wordpress-pluginsinstall other sitemap plugins like Google or HTML sitemaps. This SEO plugin keeps your blog neat while giving your blog the meta values without your recalling of HTML files that you got on your server. This plugin updates your meta tags so that your blog or website is optimized for higher results in search engines.

The W3 Total Cache. This is a special booster for your blog. The W3 Total Cache gives the page loading of your blog some speed. Thanks to its faster image loading, your reader won’t get nasty waiting for your blog to roll. This plugin helps in delivering your blog immediately to its full content.

I-Max Width. This plugin helps your images fit into your theme easily. Posts need images so that your visitors won’t get bored on so many letters. This plugin can maximize the fashion or design on your blog. With this plugin, there are no distorted images in your site.

Broken Link Checker. As the name implies, this plugin cleans your site of broken links. This is a must have a plugin that removes or fixes the broken links in your blog or website from time to time.

Share This. Get this plugin for adding traffic to your site. This enables the sharing of your post in one click to many social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, and other active sites. In one click your recent or later posts are shared instantly.

Newsletter Sign Up. This plugin enables your readers to have your weekly or monthly posts or updates delivered to their emails. Signing up to your newsletters means that they are interested in having your topics in their inbox. The supplementary basis is a great deal for the success of your site.

CommentLuv. Commenting by using CommentLuv enables a link back to the commenter’s site. That way, links benefit both the blogger and the commentator. CommentLuv pulls the links from the RSS feed of the commentator and put it just below their comment.

Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer. Affiliate marketers need Amazon link localizer to enhance and activate their sales by localizing the clicks. Therefore, the Amazon products are nearer to the clicker. WP Stats. This plugin enables you to know how many visitors come to your website or blog. This is important so that you know how to make more visitors to your site.

Reply Me. This plugin emails your commentator so that you can have a contact about the topic. This plugin automatically answers an email so that they know that you will get back to them as soon as possible. You can also use Reply Me when you are sponsoring something online